A Purposeful Weekend


Back-to-back weekends spent at family reunions have been rewarding and inspiring; two weekends ago at Coney Island in Cincinnati and this past weekend at Georgia’s Stone Mountain.  As I think on these events, it makes me appreciate family even more and realize that family, good times, and love are synonymous.  This weekend at Stone Mountain, good times meant spending Friday night catching up with or getting to know family; enjoying a picnic together at one of the park’s numerous pavilions; enjoying a well-planned Saturday evening banquet and delicious meal together at one of the hotel’s beautiful ballrooms; laughing together; dancing together; watching our little ones play together – especially our family’s triplet girls who were charming, cute, adorable, and excited about the activities and being a part of a loving and supportive family.  When it is time to go, it is not unusual to reflect on the reunion and certainly not unusual to look forward to staying connected. While we go back to our busy and sometimes separate lives, having that deep bond has an everlasting effect that is meaningful and truly encourages a spiritual link.

Please check out my August 5 post about fun times at Coney Island, entitled, “Family Fun.”  Stone Mountain was also a great place to spend time with loved ones and an excellent choice by our reunion planners.  The excitement and attractions it offer is quite numerous and I suggest you research its many offerings such as the very accommodating Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort that served as our family’s host hotel or the numerous restaurants on the property.  Also noteworthy are the campgrounds, hiking and nature trails, Lasershow, exhibits, golf course, concerts, water slides, paddle boats, fishing, sky ride cable car, and scenic railroad – just to name a few.  Stone Mountain – Georgia’s number one tourist attraction – will definitely keep you entertained.  Major festivals take place there and visitors also enjoy the sandy lakefront beach.

Historically, “Stone Mountain itself was formed about 300 million years ago, when intense heat and pressure caused molten material just below the earth’s surface to push upward. That material cooled slowly (it took 100 million years) and formed compact, uniform crystals.  The dome-shaped rock rises 1,683 feet above sea level and covers 583 acres.”

All-in-all, my husband and I will be remembering the times we enjoyed with family these past two weekends.  It truly was a family affair!


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