Signaling Happy and Safe Times


As we are centered squarely in the spirit of the holidays, I have observed an overwhelming disregard for safe driving skills during hectic times and heavy traffic.  Drivers are out running errands, shopping, visiting family and friends…simply enjoying the love and excitement of the season.  However, it is equally important to remember that failing to use a turning signal one time too many could spell disaster or driving too closely because of being in a hurry.  Most distressing is seeing others drive while being distracted.  I’ve observed drivers who are so engrossed in their cell phone conversations with the phone comfortably in their hand that they only have the other hand to guide the steering; therefore, using signal lights take a “back seat” to safe driving.  Perhaps safety first.  Ask yourself, “Can the conversation wait for a later time?”  Let’s enjoy ourselves – safely so we can truly enjoy the beautiful lights of the Christmas tree.


A Sizeable Beach


In the mood for a getaway to a small beach with a small population?  Try Horseshoe Beach, Florida, located on the Gulf of Mexico with a population of less than 500 residents.  It is a quaint, welcoming town that suggests a way of life quite different from the hustle and bustle of larger towns and cities that many of us have grown accustom to.  Yet, we marvel at the opportunity to experience such a place as Horseshoe Beach where the view is spectacular and the people are kind and friendly.  I recommend that you “try it on for size.”  You might just find it the right size for fun, relaxation, and enjoyment of the beautiful setting.


Rosewood Remembered: A Dark Time in American History


During a recent getaway from Georgia to Florida, my family and I included a stop in Rosewood, located just off of State Road 24.  We are very educated on the history of the Rosewood massacre; therefore, as we stood by the historical marker erected in 2004 to tell the story of the very violent attack endured by innocent Americans, we became distressed once again as we recalled the nightmare.  For those unfamiliar with this disgrace in Florida’s history, I recommend that you take a moment to explore further.  Located near the west coast of Florida and nine miles east of Cedar Key, the only thing left of a formerly populated place is the two-sided marker considered a Florida Heritage Landmark – a site and no longer a town.  Now when Rosewood is remembered, it is for the brutal and horrible crimes that took place in 1923.


A Splendid Daycation


During an outing that included enjoyment of the magnificient and festive decorations and lightings to celebrate Christmas, my husband and I made stops in Ocala, Florida, where this delightfully decorated tree brought joy to holiday revelers.  Later, our daycation included a stop in Valdosta, Georgia, and dinner at the Crystal River Seafood Restaurant where we enjoyed – as their tagline reads – “Quality that’s clear to see!”  Our junket was fun and memorable as we arrived home feeling happy and cheerful as a result of the time we spent on the Historic Downtown Square in Ocala.