Observe this…


The Bunker Observation Tower located inside Alabama’s Cheaha State Park is a site well worth seeing.  The tower is located on the park’s tallest peak at 2,407 feet above sea level.  An amazing view built in a rustic architectural style.  Still standing since 1934 and enjoyed by tourists from all over.


Cheaha…an outdoor treasure!


After spending most of the week inside due to inclement weather, we thought it refreshing to take off to the hills of Alabama for some outdoor fun.  After less than a two-hour drive, we entered Cheaha State Park, Alabama’s highest point, and its oldest continuously operating state park.  Driving on South 281 towards the park, the scenery was breathtaking.  Our first stop was at the scenic overlook to take in the view.  Climbing the stairs of the Bunker Observation Tower was our next activity for an amazing view of the park’s interior, followed by a visit to the adjoining museum featuring information about President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Tree Army and a brief history of the Civilian Conservation Corps – a key means that brought together two wasted resources – young men and the land.  Therefore, not only was our getaway to the park educational but inspirational and fun, as well.  We have a future trip planned to the park where we will partake in all Cheaha has to offer such as the beautiful cabins, chalets, lodges, camping and picnic areas, on-site restaurant and motel, hiking and biking trails, country store and gift shop, and lake.  So much to do today and not enough time; well worth a return trip.  What an invigorating outing it was – exploring and enjoying the great outdoors!  We tried it on for size and found a perfect fit.

All That’s Left


Our local newscasts flooded the airwaves preparing us for the imminent snow storm.  As southerners, many of us yearn for the beauty of the snow covered grounds.  We excitedly rush out to purchase snow sleds, enough food for weeks (stripping the grocery store shelves of bread, chips, water, etc.) and movies galore.  We wake to a beautiful morning gazing out the window at the beautiful snow.  By noon, we start to see patches of melting snow.  By the end of the day as the sun is going down, newscasts are saying, “Schools will reopen tomorrow.”  Reality sets in and we know it’s back to our normal routines – especially when we look outside and see all that’s left is the squirrel hopping around in the grassy “snowless” yard.

Thoughts of Grandeur


For those of us who live in warmer climates (most of the time) some of us tend to look at “snow days” through romantic eyes.  We romantics like the warmth of being inside a mountain cabin sipping hot chocolate in front of the burning fireplace as we look outside at the clean, smooth, falling snowflakes.  We feel safe, happy, cozy, and passionate – about life, love, relationships, and especially ourselves.  Then we get calls from relatives who live in the cold, frigid regions of the United States saying how difficult life is in their chilly surroundings.  They yearn to be in the south during winter and can’t quite understand how we could possibly romanticize the snow.  Well…

Auchumpkee Creek Bridge

IMG_2489 IMG_2493 IMG_2501IMG_2498

A drive on a rainy afternoon through Thomaston, Upson County, Georgia, turned what appeared to be a gloomy and uneventful day into one that was interesting, educational, and fun.  As my husband and I were traveling northward in this small, Central Georgia town, we peered to our right and saw this amazing covered bridge that is filled with an abundance of history.  The bridge is 120 ft. long and spans 96 feet.  Built in 1892, it is the last remaining covered bridge in Upson County.  A great place to visit with a picnic area and convenient parking – well worth seeing.

Fun at the Racetrack


The National Hot Rod Association’s (NHRA) Silver Dollar Raceway in Reynolds, Georgia, built on Raceway Drive, is a pride and joy for the local residents.  Reynolds, located close to the center of the state, is also known as home of the Georgia Strawberry Festival.  Dragstrip racing is a source of fun and recreation in this small rural town.  The raceway, providing quarter mile racing, is a popular pastime for locals and visitors to the area.  For the past 30 years, racers have participated in 2+ minute lap times among other challenging obstacles on the track.  Conveniences such as RV hook-ups, concessions, etc. make it a very attractive and viable way to spend the day.

Peach Country

another peach

Left Sunday brunch at Ole Times Country Buffet in Macon, Georgia, and headed southward for a daytrip to wherever.  Driving on Highway 49, my husband and I passed through small towns where pride in the peach was quite visible.  The State of Georgia has long been known as a centre for growers and consumers of peaches.  Georgia is known as the “Peach State” because of the production of its peaches.  Atlanta, the state’s capitol city, leads in name references for the peach.  However, as we drove through rural Georgia today, we saw an abundance of correlations on road signs such as Peach County and homemade peach ice cream.  We also passed Peachtree Cafe & Bakery on our route as we travelled on Peach Parkway.  Just to name a few.  While the peach orchards are bare now, they will be richly filled with succulent peaches in a few short months.  Georgia’s pride.  By the way, we sampled some delicious peach cobbler dessert at the Ole Times Country Buffet.  A day of appreciating the peach.