A Gathering in the Country


These beauties were seen while riding on State Route 14 North just south of Wadley, Georgia.  Check out the magnificent countryside that boasts of Rocky Creek in Emanuel County.  My husband, the motorcyclist, captured this radiance on a beautiful afternoon of pure joy riding…just because – and for the fun of it.

Sign of the Times


As my husband and I prepare for summer travel 2015, we reflected on travel from years past, and some of our favorite spots that we visited are included in this slide show.  I hope you enjoy.  By-the-way, we have an Eastern seaboard road trip vacation planned and welcome your recommendations for places to visit.  High on our list are the states of Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.  Many of you have read our book about  a road trip we took two years ago on the west coast, entitled, “A Couple’s Cross-Country Road Trip Journal.”  Perhaps our east coast visits will be just as inspiring.  Looking forward to hearing from my fellow readers and bloggers.

A Visit to the Queen City


When visiting Charlotte, the largest city in North Carolina, you’ll soon be reminded of why it is called the queen city.  There are street signs with crowns everywhere and even stores that bear the name.  It is a proud metropolis named after Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg by German immigrants who were loyal to the British crown at the time.  The skyline is impressive.  Entering the city from several directions, you can look upward and see the strikingly attractive residential dwelling called The Vue.  Located on 5th in what is identified as the Fourth Ward, the Vue is a modern luxury at its best.  My husband and I enjoyed our driving tour so much that we will now plan another visit so we can experience Charlotte “up close.”

The Love of Family


Back-to-back weekends in North Carolina were fun and fun filled.  They both were centered on family togetherness; in Fayetteville family and friends gathered to celebrate a couple who “tied the knot” while family and friends gathered in Charlotte to celebrate a loved one turning 50.  Just slightly over 130 driving miles between Fayetteville and the Queen City, the similarities we experienced were joyful.  Both weekends were packed with happiness and delightfulness.  Regardless of how busy your schedules might be or the responsibilities most generally hold, it is always gratifying when our schedules and responsibilities include hanging out with loved ones…just because.

An East Coast Wonderland

IMG_2850 IMG_2848

A journey to Nags Head in the Outer Banks, NC, was just what the doctor ordered.  It truly is a recreation wonderland.  For fun and adventure, I definitely recommend a visit there.  The beaches, parks, golfing and other sporting activities, restaurants, shopping, and so much more make vacationing in this coastal region of North Carolina a “must see and do.”  Its mild seasonal temperatures also make it a popular and favorite getaway spot.  You’ll want to plan ample time for your stay in order to experience the 130-mile stretch of islands.  The setting is magnificent!