A Couple’s Cross-Country Road Trip Journal


Summer travel is near!  Time to plan that romantic getaway or a simple trip to a nearby beach where you can get some sun and relaxation.  How about a road trip?  My husband and I took a cross-country road trip last June and kept a journal of our travels.  The journal has now been published in paperback entitled, “A Couple’s Cross-Country Road Trip Journal”  by Tate Publishing.  For those of you who like to travel and see this great country of ours, the book is a day-to-day depiction of adventure on the road and exciting experiences of travel aficionados.  Please access the following link:



An adventurous couple embarked on a cross-country trip in the steamy hot summer of 2013. They drove through rain, sunshine, across deserts and mountains, and alongside rivers and lakes. This was a trip that was thirty-six years in the making—a dream they shared and talked about often. Their journal describes why they returned home with a carload of memorabilia and a lifetime of sweet memories—blissful that dreams do come true!

There is no greater joy than that experienced by a couple who embarked on an eighteen-day road trip originating from the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, to the Amargosa Desert and destinations beyond. Imagine the intimacy, conversation, jubilation, adventure, and courage they shared on a journey to explore such an exciting trip. A Couple’s Cross-Country Road trip: A Journal will keep you intrigued as you read about the challenges they faced driving through Death Valley National Park, or pulling into a “Bates-like motel” on a dark, rainy night, or eating and enjoying some of the finest cuisines.

Please order a copy today!  https://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=978-1-63063-831-3