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Spent the weekend checking out Repticon Atlanta – a reptile exposition heavily attended by those like me who follow exotic pet shows.  I was elated by the opportunity to dialog with and learn from top breeders and educators about reptiles and amphibians in live animal encounters – especially the hourly seminars.  I will share some of these exotic “friends” I met.  Please stay tuned to future posts for up close glimpses.  First one up:  the star of the show and a favorite of my sister – the bearded dragon.  We learned that adult bearded dragons are very territorial.  The beard is used for mating and aggressive behavior.  Head bobbing and arm waving are other traits of this well known lizard.

What a fascinating event it was!

The Biker


Imagine being out on the high road navigating towards everything that smacks of freedom.  It is a biker’s dream whose destination is north, south, east, or west; maybe all or several routes and everything in between.  It does not matter if atop that revered helmet the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, or the rain is falling because the rider is negotiating a self-determination motivated by sheer enjoyment of the exploratory journey.  It’s the thrill of the expedition.  This particular biker has all the experience necessary to successfully maneuver the countryside.  Over the years, he has acquired the skills required to perform service and maintenance on his beloved Honda Gold Wing.  He knows how to pack for multi-day travel.  Whether he spends the night in a hotel or opts for an overnight in his sleeping bag, he is always prepared.  He’s comfortable having brunch at a local eatery or “roughing” it with a honey bun, chips, and a Coca-Cola.  His friendly persona almost always assures that he’ll meet and dialog with others along the way.  With his gadgets in hand, he is always ready and equipped to stay in touch with family and friends as he roams about.  His days consist of visiting sites or touring landmarks, snapping photos, Skyping with his wife, and jawing with buddies.  Such a junket is compelling.  What some maintain on their list of things to do or dream of someday experiencing or constantly reviewing on a bucket list, this biker experiences regularly.  With hundreds of similar trips made since the early 1970s, this biker articulates countless narratives that are inspirational and motivational.  How I know?  He’s my husband.  Sorez the Scribe said it best in “Here Now Gone” from his Collection of Poems From The Road as follows:

Take your time. Don’t be in a hurry. Never lose sight. Of where you are going. Live your life. From day to day. ‘Cause as long as you’re here. Always remember. The things you should not forget. And always be. Your own best friend. Take your time. Don’t you be in a hurry. Don’t let that good thing. Just pass you by.

Jazz On A Sunday Afternoon

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Enjoyed a Sunday afternoon with family as we celebrated each other, dined on brunch at its best, and listened to a live band play jazz.  The restaurant was booming with happy patrons as the walls and ceilings were filled with fun and excitement.  Where:  Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint; located in Downtown Atlanta at 200 Peachtree Street.  The Juke Joint is all about music, food, drink, and old fashion socializing and appreciating life in the slower and sweeter lane.  While in the midst of family and friends, you find yourself thinking and reveling at how “life is good.”  Historically, African Americans brought this type of gathering to the Old South and created “juke houses” – places for merriment and relaxation.  Suggest you check it out.  You’ll be glad you did!