Fresh, Mountain Air…

IMG_2007Have you taken a moment lately to just pause and take a time out from all we’re facing as a society? Ebola. Isis. Slow economy recovery. Moving “like a snail” Congress. Guns, guns, guns. You know the list. It could go on and on. But, I decided a pause to refresh was in order. So, here I am:  hiking in the mountains on an overcast yet perfect day; breathing fresh, mountain air.  Decompressing from the rigors of life.  Try it out – quite exhilarating.


Cruise Beauty

IMG_2122Sometimes it takes only a moment to capture a beautiful sight – even from your ocean view stateroom on a cruise ship.  This picture depicts an anticipated moment when entering Cozumel, Mexico.  Good on the inside and even greater on the outside – taking in a skyline of beauty to an ocean’s delight.

Clingmans Dome: The Top of the Smokies

IMG_1978At 6,643 feet, Clingmans Dome is the highest mountain in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and one of the highest peaks in the eastern United States.  My family and I took in this panoramic view at the observation tower pictured.  For decades, visitors have enjoyed the view.  Recommend a visit if you’re in the North Carolina/Tennessee area.  Be prepared for rain, wind, and cooler temperatures.