Sunday Surprise


Walked in the door from an inspirational and uplifting church service a few Sunday morning’s ago. Was kicking off my shoes as I pondered how to spend the day – lounging around the house or visiting friends or going out for lunch nearby or perhaps shopping at the mall?  Had no concrete plans until my husband whispered in my ear, “Any plans for today?”  I quietly answered no.  His reply, “Pack your bags.  We’re going to St. Augustine.”  I was so excited and happy; was packed in about twenty minutes.  This was such a pleasant surprise.  He and I had often spoke of visiting St. Augustine; he knew it was one of my bucket list items.  On that particular Sunday, he was helping me check that off my list.  About eight hours later, we had checked into our hotel room on the beach, gone down the street for dinner, and ended the day with a walk on St. Augustine beach.  Feet in the sand!

Flagler College – A St. Augustine, Florida Icon



Flagler College is located in the hub of St. Augustine on the northeastern coast of Florida.  Students, faculty, and staff can delight in the advantages of teaching, learning, and working in such a splendid atmosphere where the Atlantic Ocean is only four miles away.  The college’s founder, Henry Flagler, was a railroad pioneer and partner with John D. Rockefeller in Standard Oil.  Quite a site when visiting St. Augustine and very inspiring when obviously this institution of higher learning supports its community.  Want social, cultural, and educational advancement?   Take a look at this institution whose heritage dates back more than a century.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised and inspired!

North America’s Oldest City


Welcome to St. Augustine, Florida!  This is the signage you see on placards all across the city when you visit North America’s Oldest City.  A recent visit to this marvelous southern city was magnificent.  It had been on my bucket list for some time but recently and happily I was able to check it off.  “Been there, done that, and want to go back.”  Walking through the streets in the downtown area and seeing the sites embody the past and the present coexisting.  It was like watching history come alive in this Northeast Florida mecca.  Stay tuned for more on this ancient city with a modern twist.



We are in such a good place right now…well most of us in this Country (unless you’re still looking at snow).  Have lots to be thankful for after such a challenging winter.  We survived it!  Now I can only think of backyard barbecues, lying on the beach or by the pool, cruising on the beautiful oceans of this world, partying with friends, or just having good conversations sitting on the patio.  If we have done the work, we are ready to fit into our summer clothes and feel real happy about our fitness and workout accomplishments.  If not, there is still time.  If we change our mindset that not everyone is meant to be a size one…or two… or three… we can be happy that we are alive and well enough to conquer the need for a lifestyle of fitness, good health and eating habits.  It does not come easy but it is well worth the effort.  One thing I have found helpful:  think happiness.  When you get that urge for your favorite cookie or a doughnut, don’t deny yourself.  Have it and enjoy every bite.  Get the urge out of your “system” and then immediately revert back to a mindset of staying on track with a lifestyle of choices…choosing to eat healthily.  This includes keeping our metabolism in check and our body in a fat burning mode and not a fat storing mode.  Get started and you’re on your way.  Think long-term.  Think happiness and you’re there.  Afterall, you’re in control of YOU!  Have a happy summer.