We are in such a good place right now…well most of us in this Country (unless you’re still looking at snow).  Have lots to be thankful for after such a challenging winter.  We survived it!  Now I can only think of backyard barbecues, lying on the beach or by the pool, cruising on the beautiful oceans of this world, partying with friends, or just having good conversations sitting on the patio.  If we have done the work, we are ready to fit into our summer clothes and feel real happy about our fitness and workout accomplishments.  If not, there is still time.  If we change our mindset that not everyone is meant to be a size one…or two… or three… we can be happy that we are alive and well enough to conquer the need for a lifestyle of fitness, good health and eating habits.  It does not come easy but it is well worth the effort.  One thing I have found helpful:  think happiness.  When you get that urge for your favorite cookie or a doughnut, don’t deny yourself.  Have it and enjoy every bite.  Get the urge out of your “system” and then immediately revert back to a mindset of staying on track with a lifestyle of choices…choosing to eat healthily.  This includes keeping our metabolism in check and our body in a fat burning mode and not a fat storing mode.  Get started and you’re on your way.  Think long-term.  Think happiness and you’re there.  Afterall, you’re in control of YOU!  Have a happy summer.


The Art of Readiness


In his play, Henry V, William Shakespeare said, “All things are ready, if our mind be so.”  I was reminded of his words yesterday morning when my husband came into the workout room while I was toiling intensely on the elliptical and asked me if I wanted to ride down to Savannah, Georgia, a distance of about 248 miles or 3 1/2 hour drive from our house.  As excitedly as a kid in a toy store, I promptly answered yes and hurriedly finished my morning workout.  We were packed and on the road shortly afterwards, enjoying a morning drive headed to a southern city we both like to visit.

Savannah, the oldest city in Georgia, holds a special meaning for my husband and I.  We met there at the university where we spent four years as students.  If you have never visited Savannah, I recommend you do so some day.  USA Weekend Magazine declared Savannah one of the “top 10 Most Beautiful Places in America.” The New York Times named the city one of the “World’s Top Ten Trendy Travel Hot Spots.”

Soon after arriving, we went to the Riverfront District, a popular site for visitors.  This attraction is alive year round.  Our next visit was to the university’s campus.  We rode around reminiscing and appreciating our education from this institution of higher learning that taught us “You Can Get Anywhere From Here.”  The 200+ acre campus is quite charming with the moss trees, marshland, and historic buildings.  Later as we were driving on White Marsh Island, headed to a must stop, The Crab Shack, we were eager to have lunch there.  It’s a local eatery located by a marina at Tybee Island where you’ll not be disappointed.  The food is scrumptious.  Feeling quite pleased after an enjoyable meal and a sightseeing tour of the real baby alligators resting in the outdoor pond, we left the restaurant and headed to Savannah Beach which spans five miles along the Atlantic Ocean and the Savannah River.  Being there was everything you expect when you’re at the ocean.  Watching the seagulls soaring overhead while locals were fishing and kiting, made us feel magical.

What started out as a morning routine workout at home turned into a delightful day trip.  We spent the night and headed home the next morning.  While driving northbound on the coastal highway, we were pleased that our impromptu getaway had been such a success.  I know we will return for another visit to such a lovely place called Savannah, the largest port city in the state of Georgia.  Spur-of-the-moment actions can be fun and rewarding.  When you have an attitude and mindset that is always ready for excitement and adventure, life can be so special!  How ready are you?


Oak Trees In the Snow at Dawn

Do you enjoy standing by the ocean and feeling peaceful and joyful?  Did your child run to your open arms when he saw you coming?  Did your spouse call just to say, “I love you?”  Did you get some really supportive and constructive comments on one of your blog posts?  Did you get a ton of likes on one of your posts?  Do you enjoy waking to the sound of rain on a chilly morning when you are feeling cozy and warm in bed?  Did your eyes sparkle as you walked with your spouse at sunset?  Did your boss give you the day off just because (you worked really hard on a successful project)?  Do you feel special when you’re having dinner with a loved one who treats you like you are the most important person in their world?  Did the scale register a loss of pounds?  Do you feel amazing at the sound of Christmas carols throughout your home as you sit by the warm fireplace while it’s snowing outside and you’re sipping hot chocolate?  Are you thankful for family and friends?  Did you leave the doctor’s office with a smile because she told you to “keep up the good work?”  What makes you happy?

Happiness comes in so many ways.  Take time to appreciate your life.  I recently paused to reflect on my blessings, and I hope you visit my latest blog post, “ARE YOU HEALTHY?” and read about how precious each moment is.  Are you happy?


IMG_0812Remember the terrible news coverage about upsetting and distressing cruises?  The information gave us reason to pause.  Even the cruise aficionados were cautiously concerned.  Afterall, the news was heartbreaking; putting one of our favorite pastimes in an unfavorable way.

I recently returned from a cruise, and happily enjoyed a few amazing days on the water.  While I could not help but remember with concern and sensitivity the tragic stories of those who were so greatly challenged on some of the so called, “cruises from hell,” I was thankful that my husband and I had a very enjoyable vacation.  There will be some who will give the cruise industry a second chance; there will also be those who have thrown up their hands in disgust that they’ve had enough – understandably so.  Those of us who enjoy cruising want to believe that steps have been taken to eradicate those things that create reasonable concern.  Afterall, we love the way our cruise destinations provide incredible escapes – both in the physical and the spiritual.

If you enjoy the cruise experience, you’re probably considering your next vacation.  If you have not had the opportunity, you could do yourself a favor by “trying it on for size.”  Most likely, you’ll wear it well.  On my recent cruise, I noticed several individuals booking their next cruise while onboard.  Afterall, you’re captivated!  Cruising has a very high satisfaction rate for families, couples, groups and the like.  The value is in the package:  visiting multiple locations, the entertainment onboard, siteseeing opportunities, relaxation and rejuvenation, friendly atmosphere, delicious food, and so much more – all in one convenient location.

Stay tuned for future posts about this remarkable journey.  It’s the stuff that “happyland” is made of.  It’s the smiling face, the satisfied spirit, and the incredibly healthy mind – free of worry and concern – if only for a short time until your next voyage – your next cruise to happyland!