The Tears of a Nation


Many of us find ourselves unable to find words that describe how devastated we feel about the devastating circumstances of the mass shooting in Charleston by a devastating individual who was simply existing in a body imitating a human being.  He has no soul and only thoughts of devastation.  We, as a nation, mourn as the tears continue to fall on our faces, for nine lives struck down senselessly.


A Church Teaching How to Love


As my husband and I stood at the Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston among the masses who visited – as we did – to memorialize nine people we now carry in our hearts, shed tears for them, send up prayers, as well as leave flowers.  We overwhelmingly showed love and sadness for nine individuals who should still be living their lives – were it not for a young man who decided he had all the answers.  Instead, America stands for civility in this nation where our humanity trumps anything he could affect.

Living, Loving, and Hurting

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Emanuel A.M.E. Church is indelibly a symbol in our hearts, our minds, and our souls, for a time when our nation cannot pretend to understand the horrendous act of a young man.  The church will continue to teach love and forgiveness.  The people of this great country seek understanding and peace of mind.  Our hearts and our souls cry out for the nine worshippers who left home last Wednesday evening, June 17, 2015, to pray and to study – never to return.  Mother Emanuel A.M.E. at 110 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC, will never be the same.  Our homeland will never be the same.