Stay & Enjoy the Beach

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Roanoke Island, Outer Banks, NC


An East Coast Wonderland

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A journey to Nags Head in the Outer Banks, NC, was just what the doctor ordered.  It truly is a recreation wonderland.  For fun and adventure, I definitely recommend a visit there.  The beaches, parks, golfing and other sporting activities, restaurants, shopping, and so much more make vacationing in this coastal region of North Carolina a “must see and do.”  Its mild seasonal temperatures also make it a popular and favorite getaway spot.  You’ll want to plan ample time for your stay in order to experience the 130-mile stretch of islands.  The setting is magnificent!

A New Spin On A Familiar Place


Having travelled many times to Florida to board cruise ships leaving out of Port Canaveral, one of the busiest cruise ports in the world, visiting there a few days ago seemed like old times.  My husband and I would make the drive down often with a sense of excitement and anticipation for our cruise vacations.  However, this visit would be different.  We were not headed on a cruise; we decided on a trip to tour the city of Cape Canaveral, located on Florida’s space coast just south of Port Canaveral, and squarely in the center of the state’s Atlantic Coast.  To our surprise, there was so much to see and do.  We knew about – read about – heard about Cape Canaveral, but never seemed to have the time to explore the area.  This visit would be different.  Leaving Georgia on an impromptu notion started our joyous getaway.  I’m often surprised by my husband saying, “Let’s load up and head ‘anywhere.’ ”  Anywhere this time turned out to be the warm and sunny side of joy.  We checked in our room on Cocoa Beach, the closest beach to Orlando, went to dinner and later enjoyed a lovely walk on the beach.  The next day we headed out to the site of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station – the launch site of spacecraft, known as Kennedy Space Center.  We were like “kids in a candy store.”  Definitely recommend a visit.  You will be orientated at the visitor complex; there’s the Astronaut Hall of Fame, gift shop, Space Shuttle Atlantis, and so much more.  You’ll need lots of time to thoroughly experience these wonderful museums.  The kids will love it too.  As we were leaving the complex on S.R. 405 that intersects with Vector Space Road, we knew we’d return.