A Town Called Senoia


My husband and I were watching television one evening when a special came on about a small country town located not too far from us called Senoia, Georgia; located just southeast of Atlanta.  Its total area is 5.4 square miles.  At the 2010 U.S. census, there were 3,307 people residing there.  Living so close to Senoia and never having been there, after watching the television special, we decided to visit.  We found a quaint little town, seemingly frozen in time (reference the pictures found in this post.) We found it to be simplistic and leisurely – a great escape from the fast-paced lifestyle of the larger nearby cities. The citizens there are proud of their historic downtown, museums, antique treasures strewn throughout, their unique restaurants, even a race track.  In fact, Southern Living Magazine chose Senoia as the site of its 2010 and 2012 Idea House. These houses are designer showcases of the finest trends in home design and furnishings.  We certainly enjoyed our visit.

“Bowled Over”


Good family fun can begin at the bowling alley.  Our family spent a couple of hours at a great venue called Riverside Epicenter, located just west of Atlanta.  Patrons can spend time there consuming fun, food, and fitness for the entire family.  How appealing it is to be able to enjoy a concert or play, indoor rock climbing, basketball, bowling, the workout facility, among so many other activities provided – all in one location.  The staff is welcoming and professional; happily providing tours that are so inspiring and compelling that you’re wondering to yourself how you’d like to schedule your next family gathering, reception, or special event there.  On this particular Saturday night, our family enjoyed food and bowling under the umbrella of “FUN.”  We were simply happy to be together – the informal competitive bowling was secondary. We had a great experience in a first class facility that has mastered the art of providing entertainment, events, and fitness.  By-the-way, we also managed to celebrate a family member’s birthday at the same time!

Adult Amusement


A recent trip to Six Flags Over Georgia, one of our favorite amusement parks, proved to be just as much fun as ever!  My husband and I found ourselves as giddy as the teenagers who stood in line with us, waiting to board a ride “for the thrill and excitement.”  Located just west of Atlanta, Six Flags provides an abundance of family-friendly entertainment.  This popular theme park, one of Georgia’s favorite places to visit, creates memories to behold.  It certainly does for us.  My husband was a kid all over again driving the bumper cars; I was a willing passenger along for the ride; our other favorite attractions did not disappoint either.  Sitting at the picnic table eating hot dogs gave us a chance to rest a bit before enjoying more activities. Having visited the 290-acre park for over 40 years, I can truly say that I look forward to our annual visit, and a day of adventure – true adult amusement!

Festival for Book Lovers

IMG_4060 IMG_4055

Spent a fun weekend at the Decatur Book Festival; the largest independent book festival in the country.  It is an annual event held during Labor Day Weekend in the historic downtown Decatur square.  My husband and I were fortunate enough to be invited to participate in the emerging writers pavilion where we were allowed speaking time on stage to discuss our recently published book about our 2013 cross-country road trip.  It was an amazing weekend filled with great music, delicious food, and opportunities to meet world-class authors, publishers, and booksellers.  We enjoyed the camaraderie with other emerging writers.  Attendees had an opportunity to learn about our book as well as attend the author signing and sales event. This 10th annual festival gave the city of Decatur an opportunity to be a phenomenal host with a very large platform where its population of over 20,000 residents could be proud, especially being an intown suburb of Atlanta and part of the Atlanta metropolitan area.  Definitely a party with a purpose!

Jazz On A Sunday Afternoon

IMG_3733 IMG_3732

Enjoyed a Sunday afternoon with family as we celebrated each other, dined on brunch at its best, and listened to a live band play jazz.  The restaurant was booming with happy patrons as the walls and ceilings were filled with fun and excitement.  Where:  Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint; located in Downtown Atlanta at 200 Peachtree Street.  The Juke Joint is all about music, food, drink, and old fashion socializing and appreciating life in the slower and sweeter lane.  While in the midst of family and friends, you find yourself thinking and reveling at how “life is good.”  Historically, African Americans brought this type of gathering to the Old South and created “juke houses” – places for merriment and relaxation.  Suggest you check it out.  You’ll be glad you did!

Beauty in Downtown Atlanta Part I


In addition to these beautiful roses, a walk in Pemberton Place, a 20-acre park named in honor of John S. Pemberton, the pharmacist who invented Coca-Cola, is quite enjoyable.  Visitors will have an opportunity to visit The Center for Civil and Human Rights, The World of Coca-Cola, and the Georgia Aquarium.



Enjoyed a day of fun and learning that began with a visit to the Center For Civil And Human Rights located in Downtown Atlanta.  The Center has three floors of inspiration, history, and information and boasts of its mission to connect the civil rights movement to today’s global human rights advocacy.  It is one of three destinations at Pemberton Place, including The World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium – providing excitement and entertainment.  There were multiple busloads of students of all ages visiting the 20-acre park.  No doubt they would return to school with happiness and enthusiasm from their experiences.  Many were even taking notes as they walked through the exhibits.  Definitely recommend this staycation; you’ll be inspired.

Beauty in Downtown Atlanta Part II

150430_0006 150430_0003 150430_0000 150430_0004cc

Sitting at one of the venues inside Pemberton Place, a 20-acre park located in Downtown Atlanta, enjoying the sites, and engaging in “people and bird watching.”  Even the fiberglass dolphin statue donned in Atlanta Falcons garb wants attention.  You’ll also enjoy a skyline view.

Peach Country

another peach

Left Sunday brunch at Ole Times Country Buffet in Macon, Georgia, and headed southward for a daytrip to wherever.  Driving on Highway 49, my husband and I passed through small towns where pride in the peach was quite visible.  The State of Georgia has long been known as a centre for growers and consumers of peaches.  Georgia is known as the “Peach State” because of the production of its peaches.  Atlanta, the state’s capitol city, leads in name references for the peach.  However, as we drove through rural Georgia today, we saw an abundance of correlations on road signs such as Peach County and homemade peach ice cream.  We also passed Peachtree Cafe & Bakery on our route as we travelled on Peach Parkway.  Just to name a few.  While the peach orchards are bare now, they will be richly filled with succulent peaches in a few short months.  Georgia’s pride.  By the way, we sampled some delicious peach cobbler dessert at the Ole Times Country Buffet.  A day of appreciating the peach.