A Beauty in Cozumel


This beauty was always available to take pictures with tourists.  He makes lots of friends each day!


World’s Tallest Mammal

Yes, he’s real. “As close as I could get with the camera.” Check him out. He lives at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Lake Buena Vista, Florida (near Orlando). Giraffes are considered symbols of friendship. The ease in which they carry … Continue reading

The Traveling Alligators

IMG_0878In less than two months apart, I have had the pleasure to visit with alligators.  Believe me it was as surprising for me as I’m sure it was for them.  I had a hard time establishing eye contact with them…just looking for a little ‘gator conversation.  They seemed timid at first, while other times it appeared they wanted to look into my eyes.  Then I became timid.  Ha-ha!  As I looked at them, I thought about how they were once considered to be an endangered species.  Not anymore.

My recent encounter with ‘gators happened at a visit to the Okefenokee Swamp Park, located in the South Georgia town of Waycross.  They seemed to be everywhere:  nesting or simply resting in the pond as we began our walkabout in the Park; later riding along on the railroad tour, followed by our charter boat tour on the waterways of the swamp.  Our visit culminated at the live wildlife show; my husband even held a baby alligator – ugh!  Truly a visit for the entire family.

This week a visit to The Crab Shack, located near Savannah, Georgia, and a favorite spot where my husband and I like to eat, provided another opportunity to see the ‘gators again.  By now, we were calling them our friends.  Remembering some of the things I had learned about these carnivorous creatures, I was reminded of why they have become such a tourist attraction.  Afterall, they are the largest reptile in North America.    On this cool November afternoon, they were bellowing together in the pond at The Crab Shack, seemingly very content in this environment.  You see, they like being in fresh water so they are right at home in ponds, rivers, and swamps.  Not wanting to disturb them, my husband and I took a few snapshots and went on our way while quietly whispering, “Until next time.”