A Season of Change


As I walked outside with my husband surveying our yard and almost simultaneously we thought, “Where has the summer gone?”  We perused the beautiful roses that still remained along with the other summer flowers that were standing tall in all their splendor.  Summer is such a magical time and when it is transitioning into autumn, one suddenly appreciates what is about to become merely a memory.  The grass in the yard is still green; the birds are still flying around, and the squirrels are leaping for joy after a busy season of putting away nuts and other food that will sustain them through the cold of winter.  As I recently read the poem, “The Magic In The Moment,” I could appreciate the following words by © Danielle Spencer:

The wind began to blow
And shook the trees
Heads turned up in unison
Witnessing a season of change

The leaves were freed from their branches
Floating and swinging through the air
Painting the sky with golden colors
Dancing their way to the ground

Then reality hit as I glanced at the pile of limbs and trees and yard cleanup that my husband had been so busy taking care of.  Once again, we prepare for a season of change.


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