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Had a terrific time recently at Barnes & Noble Booksellers participating on the panel of local authors.  Book lovers had an opportunity to interact with those of us who have recently written books.  My husband and I were happy to be invited to such an event because we are always excited when we get an opportunity to talk about our book, “A Couple’s Cross-Country Road Trip Journal.” We also enjoyed meeting other writers and learning about their books that included a spectrum of genres.  The book signing was fun and we are very appreciative to have our book in the Barnes & Noble inventory.  We are very pleased at how well our book is doing in the market.  Many of our family and friends who have read the book tell us how inspired they were and are now planning similar trips.  A road trip is considered perhaps the most popular vacation option in the Country; it is definitely a most economical way to travel and offers a tremendous amount of flexibility – especially if you prefer traveling without strict itineraries.  As we travel around speaking about some of our favorite spots we visited such as Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore , Hoover Dam, and Death Valley National Park, just to name a few, we are always amazed at how many others would like to visit as well.  These are fun places to see and quite intriguing.  On our trip, we kept a daily journal of our experiences along the way and by the time we arrived back home; interestingly, we had captured so many details and photos about all the places we visited and the fun and excitement we had until we realized that we had a book in the making. So grateful at the positive reception our book is getting and enjoy sharing these wonderful memories with our readers. As we so often say, “Life is a road trip.”  Be sure to take time to enjoy yours.  I’ve attached the following link for more information: http://acouplescrosscountryroadtripjournal.tateauthor.com/


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