“Bowled Over”


Good family fun can begin at the bowling alley.  Our family spent a couple of hours at a great venue called Riverside Epicenter, located just west of Atlanta.  Patrons can spend time there consuming fun, food, and fitness for the entire family.  How appealing it is to be able to enjoy a concert or play, indoor rock climbing, basketball, bowling, the workout facility, among so many other activities provided – all in one location.  The staff is welcoming and professional; happily providing tours that are so inspiring and compelling that you’re wondering to yourself how you’d like to schedule your next family gathering, reception, or special event there.  On this particular Saturday night, our family enjoyed food and bowling under the umbrella of “FUN.”  We were simply happy to be together – the informal competitive bowling was secondary. We had a great experience in a first class facility that has mastered the art of providing entertainment, events, and fitness.  By-the-way, we also managed to celebrate a family member’s birthday at the same time!


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