Adult Amusement


A recent trip to Six Flags Over Georgia, one of our favorite amusement parks, proved to be just as much fun as ever!  My husband and I found ourselves as giddy as the teenagers who stood in line with us, waiting to board a ride “for the thrill and excitement.”  Located just west of Atlanta, Six Flags provides an abundance of family-friendly entertainment.  This popular theme park, one of Georgia’s favorite places to visit, creates memories to behold.  It certainly does for us.  My husband was a kid all over again driving the bumper cars; I was a willing passenger along for the ride; our other favorite attractions did not disappoint either.  Sitting at the picnic table eating hot dogs gave us a chance to rest a bit before enjoying more activities. Having visited the 290-acre park for over 40 years, I can truly say that I look forward to our annual visit, and a day of adventure – true adult amusement!


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