Sweet Memories…Sad Realities


Driving along listening to my favorite radio station when a Whitney Houston song filled the car with her melodious voice. Couldn’t help but think about how she and her daughter died so tragically.  While the Nation might never know what really happened to either one of them, we will always remember how they impacted many lives – especially their fans.  While Whitney’s daughter never lived very long, passing away at age 22, we’ll never know what contributions she might have made, perhaps following in the footsteps of her famous mother.  I began to ponder the following:  How sweet it would be if Whitney and the daughter she loved so much would have had an opportunity to sit on the sofa watching a film of their life portraying to them how they would both die early deaths, tied to bath tub scenarios and reportedly abuse of drugs and alcohol, fame and fortune – and immediately jumping up from the sofa proclaiming that they would not become two more statistics of “lives wasted” needlessly and selfishly.  It seemed as if they might have given little thought and consideration to living lives of blessedness and thankfulness for richness in talent and material wealth.  God must be crying tears from heaven, just as we are, thinking about two young women whom He showered with His love.  How sweet it would have been if only they could have fast forwarded and rewritten the film, deciding not to leave this side of heaven…not yet – realizing they had much to do, giving back and helping those less fortunate.  None of us will ever know…and so we mourn and remember them for what was and what might have been.


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