More Blue Ridge Parkway


Still celebrating my August 19th birthday that began on Tuesday morning, the day before.  Thanks to my husband for a surprise gift he announced on “early morn” that I was to pack my bags and get ready for a birthday trip he had planned for me. I jumped to my feet, grabbed some items and was ready in less than an hour.  One of the surprises included completing our drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway that extends 469 miles long.  This past May we began our journey on the parkway but had to prematurely end it due to inclement weather.  However, we filed away in our minds that we would someday return and complete what had given us so much joy.  The day before my birthday we reentered the Parkway in Cherokee, NC and drove until the sun began to set.  Stops along the way yielded interaction with the animals, enjoying the view, appreciating the wild flowers and other natural settings, taking advantage of the many picture-perfect overlooks, and so much more. Then, on my birthday, we actually completed it where we left off three months ago, in Roanoke, VA.  Truly a time to remember that included the above as well as our visit to the Biltmore in Asheville, NC, shopping, and most of all an enjoyable birthday dinner celebration with my husband.  Feeling happy!   Stay tuned for details on the parkway and our drive to the Biltmore. Also, please check out my May 28 blogpost entitled, “A Sensational Day on the Blue Ridge Parkway.”  An update coming soon.


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