After spending significant time discussing current events, my husband and I decided that taking a vacation from certain television shows – namely the morning, afternoon, and nightly news – was warranted.  Headed towards becoming staunch “news junkies, ” we needed a time out.  While we enjoy staying abreast of what is going on in our world as well as outside our world, we felt that stepping away from the “flat screen” would definitely have a calming effect.  While it is energizing to engage in dialog about local, national, and global news, the exchanges and subsequent mindsets that usually transpires, can be downright depressing at times.  Thus, our self-imposed vacation away from these broadcasts.  Surfing from channel to channel often renders the same news.  Depending on which channel, the way the information is presented mostly pivots towards editorial bias.  Most of us are apprised daily:  another shooting; an untimely death; armed robbery; and the list goes on and on.  Our vacation has given us the opportunity to take longer walks; to toil in the yard a little longer enjoying the beauty of the flowers and shrubberies; watch the birds fly in and out of the birdhouses; read; but mostly relish in some peaceful and tranquil moments of pure nothingness.  When faced with the inclination to watch television, we tuned to the science fiction, world of animals, or comedy channels.  A little laughter made us feel a whole lot better.  Turning the television off and the Bose on was so invigorating; does wonders for the heart and soul.  The house filled with beautiful music throughout.  Yes, we have found the elixir for dealing with depressing broadcast news…if only for a few hours, a day, or even longer.  Just like a broadway theatre, on this day the television went dark.


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