Family Fun


With a past history of challenges to its operation, Coney Island in Cincinnati refused to give up.  It had to survive things such as major floods, its businessman owner, Ronald Walker, passed away unexpectedly, its rebuilding process was slow, potential investors were hesitant due to the flood zone location of the park, etc. However, not only did the park survive, it is now thriving.  I have first hand knowledge after recently attending my family’s 48th reunion at the location with my husband and son.  With over one hundred family members in attendance, we had good, wholesome, family fun – thanks to a beloved amusement park that helps create memories.  Having the Ohio River as one of the backdrops was simply beautiful.  If you like relaxing in style, amusement rides, games, picnic food – just good ole fashion fun, check out Coney Island Park.  Being there was something our family could experience together and enjoy a day of excitement and entertainment.

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