A Flag’s Meaning For A Proud People


The colors of the flag of the Bahamas carry cultural, political, and regional meanings.  The yellow is a reminder of the golden sand on the islands’ beaches; the aquamarine alludes to the Caribbean Sea surrounding the country; and the black symbolizes the strength and energy of the Bahamian people.

As I took this photo during my visit, I could only imagine how proud the citizens of this beautiful country felt on July 10, 1973, when the Bahamas became an independent country.  When they look at their flag, while they might be reminded of those terrible times when they endured so much such as being overrun with pirates, who turned the area into a safe haven for bandits; however, they can now enjoy entrepreneurship, agricultural interests, and other endeavors.  They rely on tourism to generate most of their economic activity.  I sure am enjoying the beautiful pieces I purchased, and the excursions were fantastic!


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