Cheaha…an outdoor treasure!


After spending most of the week inside due to inclement weather, we thought it refreshing to take off to the hills of Alabama for some outdoor fun.  After less than a two-hour drive, we entered Cheaha State Park, Alabama’s highest point, and its oldest continuously operating state park.  Driving on South 281 towards the park, the scenery was breathtaking.  Our first stop was at the scenic overlook to take in the view.  Climbing the stairs of the Bunker Observation Tower was our next activity for an amazing view of the park’s interior, followed by a visit to the adjoining museum featuring information about President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Tree Army and a brief history of the Civilian Conservation Corps – a key means that brought together two wasted resources – young men and the land.  Therefore, not only was our getaway to the park educational but inspirational and fun, as well.  We have a future trip planned to the park where we will partake in all Cheaha has to offer such as the beautiful cabins, chalets, lodges, camping and picnic areas, on-site restaurant and motel, hiking and biking trails, country store and gift shop, and lake.  So much to do today and not enough time; well worth a return trip.  What an invigorating outing it was – exploring and enjoying the great outdoors!  We tried it on for size and found a perfect fit.


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