Peach Country

another peach

Left Sunday brunch at Ole Times Country Buffet in Macon, Georgia, and headed southward for a daytrip to wherever.  Driving on Highway 49, my husband and I passed through small towns where pride in the peach was quite visible.  The State of Georgia has long been known as a centre for growers and consumers of peaches.  Georgia is known as the “Peach State” because of the production of its peaches.  Atlanta, the state’s capitol city, leads in name references for the peach.  However, as we drove through rural Georgia today, we saw an abundance of correlations on road signs such as Peach County and homemade peach ice cream.  We also passed Peachtree Cafe & Bakery on our route as we travelled on Peach Parkway.  Just to name a few.  While the peach orchards are bare now, they will be richly filled with succulent peaches in a few short months.  Georgia’s pride.  By the way, we sampled some delicious peach cobbler dessert at the Ole Times Country Buffet.  A day of appreciating the peach.


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