How sweet it is


Took an early Friday morning drive with my husband on a remarkable journey to fulfill our spontaneous desires to breathe the fresh country air and enjoy the beauty of the man-made Clarks Hill Lake, also known as Lake Strom Thurmond, a reservoir at the border between Georgia and South Carolina.  Located just upstream from Augusta, Georgia, the view is magnificient.  On a past motorcycle trip through the region, my husband happened upon the site known as one of the southeast’s largest and most popular public recreation lakes.  As we drove by the lake along the Jack Eubank Memorial Highway – named in honor of Jackson Eugene Eubank, Sr., an advocate for education and who helped organize the Augusta Farmers Market, our minds raced to our next stop located in Columbia County, Georgia – the legal county seat in Appling; our lunch stop.  Indeed, we were nearing one of our favorite eateries; a place where we could find fresh cooked country-grown vegetables and sample Maryland’s famous chicken.  Hours later we were pulling into our driveway after such a gratifying daytrip thinking what a wonderful time we had.  Now it is Saturday, February 14, Valentine’s Day – another opportunity to experience something special.  We have reservations at one of our favorite Atlanta restaurants for dinner.  Afterwards, we’ll return home and exchange cards and gifts while sipping champagne and listening to our favorite music.  However, the highlight of the day will be the reality of experiencing this special time together and appreciating the blessings of our marriage and the love that we abundantly treasure – precious moments in time that go by all too quickly.  Happy Valentine’s Day readers – I appreciate your following!


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