In the Heart of Love


Sitting here basking in the possibilities and opportunities that 2015 can offer.  I’m looking out of the window as the rain is falling on this brand new Monday morning.  Even after spending the last three weekends attending memorial services for three separate friends; even after all the bleak current national and international news; even after all the day-to-day challenges of simply living such as negotiating traffic, practicing self-control when you see a high-caloric dessert you want to devour, seeing your favorite team lose an important game, etc., I am still encouraged because even with the sadness, disappointments, and challenges, we continue to move ahead and find the beauty and joy in this fabulous new year we are fortunate to be a part of.  Even on a rainy day, the rainbow looms.  I can see it through all the rain; it is just waiting to appear but I know it’s there.  Just like I know if we work hard to accomplish our goals for 2015, even if we fall short, the success will have been in never giving up – in the pursuit; in the living; in the journey.  During this beautiful month of February, my husband and I choose to embrace it for all its offerings.  For example, we honor the work being done this month through the Red Dress Heart Truth Campaign 2015 as it raises awareness and empowers women and men to take charge of their health.  We even attended a Heart Truth event that tied in its campaign’s mission with “a thing called love.”  It was enlightening and inspiring to see everyone dressed in red and expressing love for each other; seeing the beautiful display of red roses while we heard speeches on the importance of taking care of our bodies – our heart – our health.  Leaving the banquet, our focus was immediately turned to anticipation for a fun and exciting weekend ahead as we pause to express a magnitude of love for each other, our children, our family and friends – all those we love.  Yes, of course we do so all year, but it is still so much fun and excitement to celebrate on February 14.  I am reminded of a lovely sermon we heard in church on Sunday, entitled, “Marriage Takes Three.”  The congregation was reminded that wherever God is, love is.  We should honor his presence in our marriages, other relationships, and all we hold to be near and dear.  It is what makes our relationships great.  It is what keeps the love alive.  It helps us bask in what lies ahead.  Yes, it’s only February.  So many possibilities to look forward to.  Enjoy the month.  Enjoy the year.  It belongs to you.


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