Do you know this person?


You walk up to the counter to place an order and the employee standing there looks at you without saying a word.

You stop to let a car in front of you and the driver never acknowledges your kindness.

You get on an elevator and immediately say hello.  Everyone is so busy reading text messages they never look up.

A young mother sits in church with a crying baby and never leaves to tend to whatever it is making the child cry.  The preacher is delivering an inspiring message but you cannot hear what is being said.

Your server in the restaurant is so busy he never returns to your table to check on you.  When he delivers your check as you are ready to leave, somehow he has found time and graciousness for you.

You are standing in line at the Post Office and someone is talking very loudly in a cell phone conversation.  There is a large sign that states “No cell phone usage please.”

You attend a dinner party and the host is so busy upon your arrival, during the event and even at your departure.  You realize that you and the host only uttered a few words during the entire time; hospitality to boot.

During a call to make an appointment or inquiry, you are kept on hold for a very long time.

You have been in line at a retail store for a very long time when suddenly a new line opens.  The cashier, instead of saying, “Next in line” simply nods that a new register is open and a “mob” runs ahead of you.

A relative or friend visiting your home lights a cigarette without asking permission.


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