A Chunk of History


Monday, January 19, was no ordinary day.  It was the day the country observed the birthday of the late and great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – no ordinary man.  He was honored in numerous ways; some individually and others more community-oriented.  Some honored him by going to see the recently released film, “Selma.”  Others like my husband and I chose to visit Selma, Alabama.  I can’t describe what it felt like as we walked across the national historic Edmund Pettus Bridge; overlooking the Alabama River.  It was inspiring to view the priceless Civil Rights Memorial Mural.  A stroll through the main street provided an opportunity to see the headquarters of The Selma Times-Journal – the local newspaper having served Selma since 1827.  Nearby was the National Voting Rights Museum & Institute.  Our return route home was via US 80 East Hwy. to I-65 North to I-85 North.  This is the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail All American Road Scenic Byway.  We were thinking while driving on this historic route and seeing the many historic markers how much this was truly a trip well worth taking.  Selma is more than a small town in lower west Alabama located on the banks of the Alabama River – it is rich U.S. history.



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