Pause and Reflect


Ahh!  2015 off and running.  Love fest with family and friends – √

Calls, visits, texts and other acts of communication with the annual “Happy New Year” greeting –  √

Annual inward reflections –  √

Three days later after celebrating the newness, richness, and freshness of the unknown, my husband and I left morning worship service feeling renewed and reinvigorated.  The morning’s message was delivered loudly and clearly.  “Know your lane and stay in your lane.”  “Look at this year’s journey as another marathon – not a 100-yard dash.”  “Stay and make it work.  You have to hang in there with something.”  “Even at our best, we sometimes make mistakes.”  Keep our eyes on our purpose, our standards, our goals and keep moving as the wheels of our lives roll along day after day.  There was nothing daunting or duplicitous about that message.  In fact, what I gleaned from it will energize my thoughts and actions.  I am ready and willing to do incredible things going forward – ready to do them brilliantly!  There will not be a long list of resolutions that might or might not make sense in two months.  Instead, I want to see each day for its magnificience.  And if by chance I’m moved by the excitement of the journey, the fruitfulness of the year will have lived up to its billing.  Take a moment to pause and reflect on the year ahead and …get busy!


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