Sunday Surprise


Walked in the door from an inspirational and uplifting church service a few Sunday morning’s ago. Was kicking off my shoes as I pondered how to spend the day – lounging around the house or visiting friends or going out for lunch nearby or perhaps shopping at the mall?  Had no concrete plans until my husband whispered in my ear, “Any plans for today?”  I quietly answered no.  His reply, “Pack your bags.  We’re going to St. Augustine.”  I was so excited and happy; was packed in about twenty minutes.  This was such a pleasant surprise.  He and I had often spoke of visiting St. Augustine; he knew it was one of my bucket list items.  On that particular Sunday, he was helping me check that off my list.  About eight hours later, we had checked into our hotel room on the beach, gone down the street for dinner, and ended the day with a walk on St. Augustine beach.  Feet in the sand!


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