We are in such a good place right now…well most of us in this Country (unless you’re still looking at snow).  Have lots to be thankful for after such a challenging winter.  We survived it!  Now I can only think of backyard barbecues, lying on the beach or by the pool, cruising on the beautiful oceans of this world, partying with friends, or just having good conversations sitting on the patio.  If we have done the work, we are ready to fit into our summer clothes and feel real happy about our fitness and workout accomplishments.  If not, there is still time.  If we change our mindset that not everyone is meant to be a size one…or two… or three… we can be happy that we are alive and well enough to conquer the need for a lifestyle of fitness, good health and eating habits.  It does not come easy but it is well worth the effort.  One thing I have found helpful:  think happiness.  When you get that urge for your favorite cookie or a doughnut, don’t deny yourself.  Have it and enjoy every bite.  Get the urge out of your “system” and then immediately revert back to a mindset of staying on track with a lifestyle of choices…choosing to eat healthily.  This includes keeping our metabolism in check and our body in a fat burning mode and not a fat storing mode.  Get started and you’re on your way.  Think long-term.  Think happiness and you’re there.  Afterall, you’re in control of YOU!  Have a happy summer.



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