Joy In The Morning

Simple Christmas TraditionsJust finished taking down the Christmas decorations.  I will soon be putting the music DVDs back into their envelopes. Later, I’ll replace the table trimmings of poinsettias and holiday place settings with the custom silk arrangement. The house is quiet and I am spending the morning reflecting on the surprises, madness, and loveliness. This is when I pause to read each and every holiday greeting card again.  I will take another look at all the gifts that I received from family and friends; appreciating their love during this time of giving and caring.  I am truly grateful that others included me in their thoughts (and even their shopping list) during this holiday season.  These generous deeds spell l-o-v-e.  It is so joyous and festive; filled with happiness, laughter in the air, parties to attend, lots of shopping, and so many acts of kindness.  Church bells ring often, people worship and rejoice in the birth of Christ, and all is well in the land.  Furthermore, it seems that our celebrations are so numerous and frenzied that we hardly have time to catch our breath before it’s time to sing “Auld Lang Syne.”  How wonderful the new year will be if we hold fast to our feelings of benevolence and goodwill towards others.   




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