Love Potion

???????????????????According to Stevie Wonder, American musician, singer and songwriter, “superstition ain’t the way.”  Proponents of superstition might very well base their belief on fear of the unknown and faith in luck.  They often feel that certain things or happenings will bring either good fortune or mishap.  Growing up I heard anecdotes:  a black cat walking by means hardship; no umbrellas allowed inside; and a rabbit’s foot brings good luck.  These are just a few examples; the list also includes home health remedies.  Often times our families could not afford professional medical attention and opted for the latter.  They relied on their religious beliefs and other simple theories.  I remember grandma walking through the house singing, “Give me that old-time religion, it’s good enough for me.”  These were the times when she was worried about something or someone or just did not feel well.  Often times home health remedies worked or so she thought.  While I have good medical insurance, my schedule last week was such that I did not want to take the time to consult my primary care physician about a sore throat that seemed to worsen daily.  It got to the point where my routine and sleep were affected.  Finally, when I was on the verge of going to see the doctor, I thought about what grandma did when I had a sore throat.  Her remedy included gargling profusely with Listerine mouth wash and rinsing several times with warm, salty water.  Trying to avoid going to see the doctor, I decided to try her home therapy as a last attempt.  Voilà, it worked!  While I have no fear of “Friday the 13th”, I am just humble enough to put some credence in what grandma believed.  After all, my sore throat has abated.  That’s good enough for me!


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