Hurry Up and Wait

Red lightHave you witnessed a speeding driver hurriedly pass by while you were driving cautiously and at the speed limit, only to arrive at the red light and find the speeding driver sitting impatiently waiting for the red light to change to green?  Were the two of you sitting alongside each other and the driver was too embarrassed to look over at you or too preoccupied with the reason for the haste?  This happened to me recently.  I was quite perplexed when a driver passed several of us on a curvy two-lane residential roadway where the speed limit was 45 mph.  The driver, needless to say, was going much faster.  He passed a car on the roadway at one of the curviest points only to steer his car back safely before meeting an oncoming car.  I believe those of us who observed this irrational behavior let out a simultaneous sigh of relief for this driver – even if he thought he’d “saved some appreciable time getting to his destination” with his reckless driving.

As I exhaled from what seemed like a head-on collision about to happen, I thought about this warm and lovely holiday season upon us.  I was enjoying the Christmas carols playing softly from the radio as I thought to myself that it seemed like such a waste of precious time to speed through the days without honoring the joy of being alive!  I thought about the driver whose life might have ended that very instant over such a thing called impatience.  This incident provoked me to be more vehement to savor each moment.  Perhaps we should be more resolved not to hurry through life at a pace that might lead us down a destructive path.  There is simply so much to explore and embrace.  Why hurry up just to wait?  Slow your pace and have the time of your life!


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