Old Glory

flagLast week we read and heard a lot about the sheriff who refused the President’s directive to fly the flag at half-staff in honor and remembrance of Nelson Mandela.  In his opinion, South Africa should certainly do so, but because Mr. Mandela was not an American citizen, U.S. flags should not be flown in this manner.  Even though the President’s request was non-binding, in theory, refusing to fly the flag at half-staff was certainly within the sheriff’s right, but was it the right thing to do?  Other U.S. presidents have done likewise in situations where the decedent also was not an American. Viewpoints have been wide-ranging from agreeing with the sheriff to supporting the President.  Somewhere in the middle I’d like to think that simply being a member of the human race and being kind to other people matter; that our Country still places the art of humanity in high esteem. This recent conversation about “Old Glory” has been provocative, absorbing, and edifying.  Opinions on this matter are as diverse as our Country. What’s yours?


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