An Active Holiday

HikingThese are exciting times.  It is now the season of love; a time when we are inspired by the spirit of the upcoming holidays; and yes, the holy days!  Our energy levels are perhaps reaching an all-time high.  We must channel such newfound vitality into constructive pursuits.  One of my favorite endeavors include recreational trails.  It is a way to get lost in your thoughts and simply enjoy the backdrop and the leisure.

A popular spot to enjoy such activity is located in Western Georgia called The Silver Comet Trail.  This paved, pedestrian path is one of the longest in the United States.  It is considered an absolute favorite of runners, bicyclists, walkers, and skaters.  Near Atlanta, Georgia, the Trail is slightly over 61 miles and/or 12 feet long.  Consumers can take advantage of a bike rental shop, nearby facilities, water fountains, and wheelchair-accessible access points.

Historically, a passenger train called the Silver Comet, provided luxury passenger train service between New York and Birmingham.  This same trail has been transformed into a recreational path forward.  Now, railroad enthusiasts as well as outdoor buffs come from miles around to enjoy the splendor and advantages of the Trail.  What a perfect marriage between the railroading past and the brilliance of today’s active lifestyle.

It doesn’t get much better than being swept up by the intensity of a brisk walk or a strategic bicycle ride; they can be quite exhilarating.  Whether you’re on the Silver Comet Trail or enjoying a walk in the park, these are certainly great ways to stay energized during the upcoming holy days.


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