It’s All About The Team

Wooden mannequins pushing puzzle pieces into the right placeHaving played a game recently with family and friends called Scattergories, I was reminded of the power of a team.  I thought about a corporate retreat that I attended at Glen-Ella Springs Inn, located in the North Georgia Mountains in a small town called Clarkesville, where the focus was on team-building.  It was quite an experience – motivating and invigorating.  While the outdoor wall climbing exercise was fun, primarily it taught a valuable lesson; the strength of the team is each individual member.  Our group left with a renewed sense of what it means to work together for a common vision.

The importance of team work is quite evident when a football team, for example, loses key players to injury.  While the game losses could perhaps be compounded, replacement players are still relevant to playing the game – win or lose.  The roles of player substitutes are escalated – all playing together for the greater good of the game.

When my husband and I moved to a larger residence, there were more household duties.  In our other home, much smaller in size, the chores could be completed in one day and by one person.  It now takes our coordinated team effort and two or more days to complete chores.  Another example is when a family’s matriarch needed a new house, the siblings pooled their resources and purchased a new one for their mother.

These are just a few examples of why, as Helen Keller quotes, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  Teams are made up of many factions:  husband and wife, families, sororities, fraternities, siblings, etc.  Our teams help determine our strengths and successes in life.  If your team is strong, you can soar!  How strong is your team?


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