When the Food is Put Away


Only a day after my family and I participated in a tradition where we stood around the dinner table just before the food was served and each member expressed what they were most thankful for, (there were a myriad of expressions but collectively they all spelled thankfulness) my husband and I are riding down the highway chatting about the lovely holiday we had experienced.

In the midst of our chatting, my mind lingered to earlier times when my mom and grandma were in our midst.  They were the center of our celebrations.  They were most responsible for the coming together of our family.  Now there is a void that can never be filled.  Their empty chairs weigh heavily on our hearts but somehow we find strength to persevere.

The day after the Thanksgiving Holiday, my husband and I spent time with other family members at Chestnut Bay Resort, located in Northeast Alabama.  Our drive from Atlanta was less than two hours and well worth it.  It was very relaxing as we walked along Weiss Lake, the central point of the resort, relishing in the beauty of the flocks of seagulls and the site of the white pelicans floating around on the water.  The property was amazing, peaceful, and beautiful.  We had fun, laughter and more food.

As we pulled into the driveway, ending our getaway to Chestnut Bay, our chatting gave way to silence as we both, almost simultaneously, thought how perfect the last two days had been – enjoying family and friends.  Now the food has been put away; it is a perfect time to say once again, thank you God!


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