A Spot On Day


As households across the land get ready to celebrate an annual tradition of thanksgiving, I am reminded of a scripture from Psalm 35:18, “I will give thee thanks in the great congregation:  I will praise thee among much people.”  As we gathered this morning listening to the pastor’s sermon, he expressed how important it is to appreciate what God has given us.  He encouraged us not to worry about what we don’t have; not to let our situations dictate our appreciation.  This season of being thankful is also a perfect time to appreciate our loved ones.  My husband and I left church service this morning feeling amazing after hearing such a wonderfully spiritual message.  With the day being absolutely beautiful – sun shining brightly and the autumn trees simply astonishing, we knew we wanted to take a long drive and embrace this precious time together.  We ended up at one of our favorite places, Lake Lanier; nestled in the foothills of the Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains and located about an hour from our house.  As the largest lake in Georgia, it is especially popular during the summer.  Boating and jet skiing are popular sports at the Lake.  Our outing this morning was a picture-taking moment.  I hope you enjoy this optic as much as we enjoyed the actual view.

Later, we had lunch at one of our favorite spots, The Varsity, an Atlanta institution. This drive-in fast food restaurant is one of six satellite locations.  Its main location in Downtown Atlanta is called, “The world’s largest drive-in.”  With its curb side service, it is a hit with patrons who prefer eating in their cars.  Today, we chose to eat inside and enjoyed some of their iconic features:  chili dogs, onion rings and homemade peach pies.  Not your typical Sunday dinner but satisfying just the same.  We’ll stay on the treadmill a little longer and workout a little harder to justify the indulgence.  Ha-ha!

The ride back home was quite gratifying as I reminisced about our fantastic visit to Lake Lanier and the delicious meal at The Varsity.  I looked over at my husband and thought to myself how thankful I am for him.  I also thought about our loving son and how much he means to us.  Yes, I was feeling extremely happy…remembering to be thankful for what I have.


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