Do You Know This Lady?


She did all the right things.

  • Honored her parents.
  • Attended church regularly.
  • Was never late for work.
  • Always remembered family and friends’ birthdays.
  • Obeyed the speed limit; always careful to use signal lights.
  • Never texted while driving.
  • Was a healthy eater.
  • Stayed on budget.

She always believed that if she lived right, respected people, and “stayed in her lane” she’d live a long and happy life.  Her motto was, “Associate yourself with success.”

Sadly, none of this was enough.  While driving one rainy night, another driver was distracted by an ongoing cell phone call whose lack of concentration caused a head on collision.  In an instant, the lady was gone.  Her life had been snuffed from under her.  She had been a kind and caring person her entire life.  She trusted that humanity was well.  She simply trusted.  Sadly, the other driver perished also.  Once again signifying the perils of driving while distracted.

Do you know her – the kindly lady?  Do you know the other driver?  Unfortunately, society has come to know the distracted drivers all too well and how they impact life and death.  Regrettably, we all know or have heard of these two very different drivers:  the careful driver and the careless driver.

It is a call to action for our society to embrace the fact that we have a problem that is of gargantuan proportion.  Let’s work to wipe out a problem that can be easily rectified.  Let’s do it for her – the kindly lady who left this world far too soon.  She had so much more goodness to spread!


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