How Healthy Are You?


My day started as I looked at this beautiful Autumn scenery in my yard.  I thought to myself how fortunate I was to be able to enjoy this backdrop whenever I wanted.  I was feeling truly happy.  I’m thinking to myself “how pleased I was to just stand here and absorb the moment” – a sweet and precious moment filled with beauty and peace and life; especially since only a few days ago my thoughts lingered on fear and uncertainty and sadness.  Yes, I’ve stated many times before how much I truly appreciated each day and how much I savored just being!  But somehow when you’re waiting for test results from your latest physician visit, a lot of things begin to roll around in your mind.  When you’re told to contact  the doctor in a couple of days to discuss findings, a couple of days seem like a lifetime.  In fact, I actually spent a tremendous amount of time thinking about my life.

I have long advocated the importance of regular check-ups with the doctor and staying as physically fit as possible, including good eating habits.  In doing so, if you are faced with a potential health crisis, you could be light years ahead in discovering possible solutions if you have kept a regular check on your body – your temple.  Waiting for test results requires a lot of patience.  There will be the sleepless nights, the despair, the sadness, and even the tears.  Perhaps there is some truth to the quote, “Sometimes I can be my own worst enemy.”  Truth in the sense that when faced with situations that make us uncomfortable or apprehensive, we sometimes forget to look into our souls and remember what we have inside; to remember our strength and fortitude; and above all to remember our faith in God.

For a period of time, I forgot what my truth was.  I gave into fear.  Perhaps it is what we call normal.  I simply wanted two days to hurry by so I could find out if my life would change forever or if I would be eternally thankful for good health.  Before I made the all important call to the doctor, I decided to take back control of my emotions.  I decided that whatever the report might be, I would deal with it.  I remembered that I had been a responsible  steward  over my body and that I now needed to rely on the powers of the Almighty God.  Afterall, hadn’t I said often enough how much faith I had in Him?  Hadn’t I said often enough how much I trusted Him?  Hadn’t I stayed true to my beliefs?  I also believed in and remembered to pray for healing and strength.  It was time for me to “decrease so He could increase” as the preacher so often had said over the years.  I needed to understand that the control I thought I had over my life was not certain.  I needed to understand that in an instant, my life could change.  Therefore, accepting that reality made it easier for me to make the phone call.  Are we ever prepared to receive an unfavorable medical report?  Thankfully, I did not have to.  My medical report was a favorable one.  All the possibilities that had been communicated to me turned out to be unfounded.  It was simply a matter of a technician making sure all was well.  It might seem an inconvenience when we endure additional health screenings resulting from annual check-ups but it could mean the difference between having time to deal with an illness or more importantly having the knowledge that you might be out of time to deal with an illness – especially if we fail to secure regular physical examinations .  I choose assiduousness.  I wanted the sparkle in my eyes to return.

Remember your cradle to career continuum?  At some point, other considerations take precedence and so I ask again, “How healthy are you?”  If you don’t know the answer, please take a little time to find out.  Delighting in the beautiful Autumn scenery season after season is worth living for!


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