IMG_0812Remember the terrible news coverage about upsetting and distressing cruises?  The information gave us reason to pause.  Even the cruise aficionados were cautiously concerned.  Afterall, the news was heartbreaking; putting one of our favorite pastimes in an unfavorable way.

I recently returned from a cruise, and happily enjoyed a few amazing days on the water.  While I could not help but remember with concern and sensitivity the tragic stories of those who were so greatly challenged on some of the so called, “cruises from hell,” I was thankful that my husband and I had a very enjoyable vacation.  There will be some who will give the cruise industry a second chance; there will also be those who have thrown up their hands in disgust that they’ve had enough – understandably so.  Those of us who enjoy cruising want to believe that steps have been taken to eradicate those things that create reasonable concern.  Afterall, we love the way our cruise destinations provide incredible escapes – both in the physical and the spiritual.

If you enjoy the cruise experience, you’re probably considering your next vacation.  If you have not had the opportunity, you could do yourself a favor by “trying it on for size.”  Most likely, you’ll wear it well.  On my recent cruise, I noticed several individuals booking their next cruise while onboard.  Afterall, you’re captivated!  Cruising has a very high satisfaction rate for families, couples, groups and the like.  The value is in the package:  visiting multiple locations, the entertainment onboard, siteseeing opportunities, relaxation and rejuvenation, friendly atmosphere, delicious food, and so much more – all in one convenient location.

Stay tuned for future posts about this remarkable journey.  It’s the stuff that “happyland” is made of.  It’s the smiling face, the satisfied spirit, and the incredibly healthy mind – free of worry and concern – if only for a short time until your next voyage – your next cruise to happyland!


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