balloon race

Have you thought back to the New Year resolutions you made?  Have you continued to hold fast to them?  Did you remember to include benchmarks?  Periodic evaluations?  As I walk through the malls and see the seasonal decorations, I’m reminded on this fantastic day in October that a new year is on the horizon.  You might consider pulling out those resolutions and checking off successes or disappointments.  Beyond the resolutions, did you remember to do those things we need to do to stay happy and healthy and fit?  These actions would include checking off annual physician visits, making time for daily exercise, adopting wholesome eating regimens – simply being good stewards over mind and body. 

When we accomplish goals and objectives, and include them in our everyday lives, it is only then that we can spend precious time tending to those priceless things that mean so much.  Such as spending meaningful, loving and fun times with family and friends; letting your parents know how much they mean to you; taking a vacation; reading a good book; going for a long walk; taking a drive along the lake just for the view and tranquility; turning off your devices simply so you can enjoy an uninterrupted meal with loved ones.  This list could go on and on.  Accordingly, when we “take care of our business” we begin to reap the rewards of a GOOD LIFE.  Get busy and just do it!


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