From Here You Can See An Ocean of Possibilities

IMG_0639 (2)

Had a lot on my mind.  Wanted to find a way forward.  Decisions needed to be made.  I wanted some quiet time; freedom to think, perhaps to dream.  Even in the happiest of times and the most successful lifestyles, an outlet to explore your thoughts is vital.  At times, we are creatures of habit; going through our daily routines not giving much credence to what we do or how we do it.  Perhaps overlooking who we’re actually placating.  But there comes a time when being reflective can be therapeutic – even rewarding.  It allows us to hit the pause button of life and determine if  the journey in which we travel is yielding the best dividend on our investment in ourselves.  After all, aren’t we the most important architects and influencers in our own universe?  When we figure out how we live to our fullest potential, it is only then that we can be the best for those we love; give our best to those we love.  If we are happy and content and free and lively and energetic and smart and healthy and fit and informed and loved, isn’t that just about the best it can get?  However, it takes a lifetime to figure these things out – to make them happen.  It takes being in a wonderfully rewarding and carefree place – a place where we can see our entire life – our own personal space in a world of possibilities – a world where the sky is not the limit.  This place is the Ocean!  It’s music to the ears!  I like to visit it often.  It helps me see clearly.  My direction and purpose are rebooted.  Take time for a visit, whether near or far; the water is quite soothing to the mind and the soul!


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