Being In Love: It Must Be Autumn!


It is that time of year when everything seems to click.  The weather is just right.  We spend sweet moments listening to the chirping of the birds and admiring the colors of Autumn.  These are instants that rank right up there with spending a day at the spa.  We experience explosions of grandeur because we are in love.  Sometimes we sit at home watching television and admiring our loved one’s from afar.  Other times we want to be social and perhaps go to a cookout with friends, similar to what many call tailgating.  When we’re in love, we worry if someone we care about gets hurt, especially if the doctor says it might be another Autumn season before there’s a cure.  This is to be expected.  When things are going great, we feel great. There is merriment in the land.  These are precious times that we actually smile at the person sitting in the car next to us as we pull to a stop light or when we’re in morning and evening traffic.  We don’t seem to mind because the town is feeling great – it’s that time of year.  On the flip side, when we experience disappointments, our emotions change.  We’re not smiling as much; our moods change; we’re not as conversational; perhaps a little depressed.  Our thoughts are all over the place; we remember the times our emotions are high such as when a game is won.  We also remember the times our emotions are low such as when a game is lost.  But we’re quite forgiving because we like feeling spirited!  It’s the season to be merry.  It’s football season and we’re in love – with our teams.   We spend a season cheering them on because the town is “one.”  It makes us feel happy and united, sharing something we care about.  If our teams are competitive and playing well, we feel like winners!  When they lose a game, our hearts are broken.  Then we get excited and cheerful all over again the next week, expecting a good game and a “win.” The town is hoping for splendid things and terrific times because we’re in love and our football teams love us back, especially when they win.  Ahhh!  Precious emotions of love.  The stuff football games are made of!


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