A Simple Thought Could Change Your World!


Solved a complex problem lately?  Received an unexpected award?  Sent a suggestion to NASA recently?  Well, maybe if you have not endeavored any of these, you’ve had some pretty cool thoughts about how to make your life the most fascinating and exciting it can possibly be.  This can begin with a simple thought; a recurring idea; or even a dream.   It’s never too late.  Put your plan into action.  Even if you are your only audience.  These incredible inclinations can take place almost anywhere:  in the shower or during a long, relaxing bath; driving along the highway; preparing your favorite meal.  As I strolled through my garden, admiring the last of the tomatoes I planted a season ago, I used this quiet time to appreciate the beauty that transcends from an activity of simply planting a red fruit.  This peaceful setting I had created for myself allowed me some relief of anxiety from all the news media that was heaped upon us regarding the recent “shutdown of the government.”  Walking through the house in a tedious fashion of simple house chores, I made another acclamation.  “Get on with it.”  Make your personal space a permanent spa of tranquility, acceptance and joy.  These are the recipes that open your heart and your mind to new influences – ideas, thoughts, knowledge and education, action!  It’s the stuff that helps change the world – even save the world.  So, “get on with it.”  We all have sunny ideas just waiting to be born to an overcast  world in distress.  Your next thought could be the key to open a door of opportunities for the masses!


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