Rise and Shine!

Grand Canyon (3)Rise and shine. Stretch to another day of exploration and anticipation. Are you an early bird? Are you a late sleeper? Either is fine just be sure to incorporate into your daily travels a bit of movement. Move with grace or move with fierceness or move with tons of energy. Either way – just move. Whether you are traveling to your workplace or traveling to walk the Grand Canyon – stewarding your health is key to enjoyment or success in either indulging. That walk in the park or around the block or even the treadmill will mean much as you go through your day needing to rely on a healthy body to perform. We hear all the time that the body will perform to a higher degree when we exercise it, feed it properly and treat it with care. Well, we heard correctly. It is true. Quite a fundamental statement but “be good to your body and it will be good to you.” Repeat that a few times to yourself. And whatever, remember to move – that body of yours!


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